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[Legal Dictionary] Definition of Endangerment

July 14, 2015 Legal Dictionary

Endangerment is a tort, or action causing harm to another, in which a person exposes others to possible danger or harm. Endangerment can be intentional or accidental.

Intentional endangerment is usually a crime. A person who intentionally endangers another may face criminal charges, and may be sued for damages by his or her victim. Examples of intentional endangerment include battery, assault, and reckless driving.

Unintentional endangerment generally involves negligence. A person who may not mean any harm can still endanger another person through careless actions—or inaction. Examples of this type of endangerment include:

  • Certain types of medical malpractice
  • A store owner failing to warn of slippery floors with appropriate “wet floor” signage
  • A distracted driver who rear-ends another motorist

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