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INDOT Releases Interactive Project Map

April 29, 2016 Automobile Accidents, Info Articles, Truck Accident

Road Closed SignCurious about what’s in store for road construction in Indiana? The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has just released a new tool that can help. In January, they made available an interactive online map that allows visitors to view all current and planned State investment in transportation infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges. A click on any Indiana county brings up a list of projects in progress or approved, along with a link to Google maps that shows exactly where each project is slated to take place.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The map currently shows planned projects with start dates through June 2017. The summary data included on the page indicate that Hoosiers can expect a lot of work in the near future: over 1700 projects are already on the agenda, with a total combined budget of over $2.3 billion. The majority are road and bridge projects handled directly by the State, including 60 major new construction projects. Included on the list are 380 projects, worth nearly $350 million, which local agencies will undertake with funding provided through INDOT.

The data will be updated monthly and will reflect current projections for the next 18 months. Governor Pence has pledged to invest $4.6 billion on transportation infrastructure projects over the next 5 years, and this tool will give taxpayers a way to see the effects of that investment in action.

Improvements Needed

Indiana’s roadways are ready for improvement. A 2010 study by the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state a grade of C- overall. By some accounts, roads and bridges have declined significantly since then. Aging bridges are a frequently noted concern in Indiana, a state that considers itself the Crossroads of America: INDOT’s Chief of Staff has said that the State needs $250 million each year just to keep the “baby boom” generation of bridges in good repair. The Governor and the legislature have released competing plans to address maintenance and construction needs, with different funding proposals. The details have yet to be sorted out, but it’s likely that a major transportation bill will emerge in 2016.

Investment for Safety

Some recent high-profile problems, such as last year’s closure of 50 miles of Interstate 65 due to bridge collapse fears, have focused attention on Indiana’s roads and bridges. Although automobile and truck accident cases make up a large part of our practice at Wilson Kehoe Winingham, we rest easier knowing that our fellow citizens are driving on safe and well-maintained roads. Ongoing infrastructure investment is something we support.

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