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Back on the “Horse” – Riding After a Motorcycle Accident

July 21, 2015 Automobile Accidents

Riding After a Motorcycle Accident IndianapolisAfter recovering from a motorcycle accident, you may have mixed feelings about getting back on that steel and chrome horse once again. Some motorcycle crashes are more serious than others are, but it’s safe to say that if you fixed your bike or purchased a new one after a crash, you did so with the intention to ride once again.

Check Your Bike and Gear

Helmets and other safety gear are designed to absorb impact. Yours may have lessened the severity of your injuries from your motorcycle accident—a fact that is deserving of your respect. If your helmet hit the ground, you should replace it, even if it looks fine.

Also, have a look at your leather or other protective clothing. Repair or replace anything with holes, torn seams or other damage. Now is also a good time to decide if you prefer to wear additional safety gear you may not have been using when you had your previous crash.

Lastly, give your bike itself a once-over. Even if it’s brand new or fresh from the repair shop, put your own eyes and hands on the tires, brakes and lights. You’ll feel more at ease once you hit the road if you know for sure everything is in working order.

Getting Comfortable Again

Assume that you’ll be a bit nervous for your first ride after your crash. Who wouldn’t be? Plan a short, easy ride in light traffic and away from the site of your motorcycle crash.

You may decide to take that first ride alone with your thoughts. If you prefer to ride with a friend, make sure it’s a companion you trust, one who knows about your previous crash. It’d be best if your friend knows you may be apprehensive and doesn’t speed off, pressuring you to keep pace.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be steady and sure on two wheels just as you were before. Get your motor runnin’, and enjoy the open road!

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