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Monthly Archives: February 2015

NTSB plans further safety recommendations for trucking industry

February 19, 2015

Last month, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) published its to-do list for 2015. Safety in the trucking sector is one of a number of things that the board intends …

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Will the doctor admit fault in a medical malpractice case?

February 17, 2015

You should never hesitate to hire a medical malpractice lawyer if you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice or a pharmaceutical error. Some patients hold off on consulting a lawyer because they trust …

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What should you say to an insurance company after a car accident?

February 12, 2015

A car accident lawyer does more than just deal with filing legal papers after you’re in a car accident. They’re also there for advice on anything that deals with your …

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What Truly Caused Your Construction Accident Injuries

February 10, 2015

A construction accident is frequently one of the worst types of personal injuries, because it almost always involves heavy equipment or working in precarious situations. When you’re injured in these …

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Why are trucking accidents one of the most deadly mishaps in the United States?

February 9, 2015

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “more than 500,000 semis and large commercial vehicles were involved in traffic crashes in 2010.”  That makes trucking accidents one of the most …

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Four Common Accidents That Could Happen to You

February 2, 2015

Every day when you get out of bed, you’re at risk for accident. This may seem like hyperbole since most household mishaps are minor. A kitchen burn or a small …

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