What to Do After an Aviation Accident

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June 3, 2019 | Aviation Accidents |


Airplane crashes and accidents are extremely rare, and flying is still one of the safest forms of transportation. Unfortunately, when a plane crash does occur, the event is often devastating, with passengers and crew alike suffering from severe injuries or even death.

If you were on a plane that has been involved in an incident, follow these steps to make sure you stay safe and can be compensated for your injuries.

Stay Calm

Aviation accidents are—understandably—frightening experiences, and fear can make people act irrationally. Do your best to stay calm in the aftermath of a crash by taking deep breaths and focusing on what you should do next.

Get to a Safe Location

Fires are common after plane crashes. Get yourself to a safe distance from the airplane, but don’t go so far away that emergency services can’t find you or you are unable to see what is happening. Stay in a group with your fellow passengers, and follow any instructions from the flight crew.

Seek Medical Attention

Assess yourself for injuries, and if you are able, inquire after the health of the people around you. When first responders arrive to the accident scene, seek emergency medical attention. Later, after you have returned home, make a follow-up appointment with your doctor to ensure you are not suffering from any injuries.

Take Photos and Videos

Using your cell phone or another recording device, take photos and videos of your injuries and the scene of the accident. Shoot the camera from a wide variety of angles and distances to capture helpful evidence.

Record What Happened

Write down everything you can remember before the plane crash as well as what happened when it occurred. Include sounds you heard, passenger comments, and instructions from the flight crew. Having a written record will help you accurately recall the events in the future if you decide to pursue legal action.

Note Passenger Information

Collect the names and contact information of your fellow passengers, if possible. You may need statements from them at a later date, and having their phone numbers or addresses will make it easier to track them down.

Consult Legal Counsel

Airlines and their insurance carriers are skilled at representing their interests after an aviation accident. Their lawyers and representatives may pressure you to settle or negotiate with them directly. Consider finding an attorney to fight on behalf of your interests.

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