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While our offices are in Indianapolis, I’ve actually been involved in more jury trials in Wayne County than in any other county in Indiana. It’s probably because I’m a Wayne County boy. I’m a Centerville Bulldog by education and sports activities, but before that, I was able to get acquainted with many, many friends in Richmond. I played football. I worked out at the YMCA.

Of course, a very memorable event occurred in 1968 with the gas explosion. That found me downtown at the YMCA up at the gym at the time of the tragedy that found 41 people perished and many more injured.

Some of the memorable trials I’ve had in Wayne County have involved the death of children, a particularly tragic event and lives. Two of them have been, at the time, record jury verdicts for child death recoveries in the state of Indiana.

Of probably 10 or 12 of the trials that I have had in Wayne County, I was able to have my father with me, which was a real treat. He was a retired school superintendent from Centerville before joining our law firm as an investigator and office administrator. He was able to assist me as a non-lawyer during the course of those trials. We just had a lot of fun and really enjoyed representing local Wayne County people. It will always be one of the highlights of my life, having had that experience.

For me to go back to Wayne County is really an opportunity to feel at home. I know the judges. I know their staff. You feel comfortable in the courthouse, and you see nothing but familiar faces. It really is fun to go home.

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