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Anderson, Indiana

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Our main office is in Indianapolis, but we frequently travel around the state to represent people in all areas of Indiana. Some of the cases that come to mind that we’ve had in Madison county—and we’ve had a wide variety of cases.

One case was an airplane crash where several prominent Anderson and Madison county men were on a hunting trip to the Dakotas. On their return, the plane crashed. We represented several persons in that tragedy.

We even had the case years ago when there was a fire at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant, which was substantially destroyed, and we ended up litigating that case and obtaining a settlement in that matter.

So, we’ve had a wide variety of cases in Anderson. Personally, I spend a lot of time there because we have kids who are tennis players, and Anderson has a great tennis and sports complex that we would periodically go to for tennis tournaments. I can remember driving up there, and I can picture where I was standing, watching the kids play tennis up in Anderson many, many times—particularly in the winter because of the indoor facility.

Anderson and Madison County have really been blessed over the years with great judges, so we’re always happy to go there. And if we have to try the case, we’re happy to do so in front of the Anderson judges. So if you need a lawyer in Anderson, we’re happy to go there, and we would relish the opportunity to try to help anybody who has an injury case in the Anderson or in the Madison County area.

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