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Monthly Archives: September 2016

No-Fault and Fault Insurance in Indiana: Know the Difference

September 28, 2016

Related Articles Be Prepared: Do These Things After a Car Accident to Avoid Complications 5 Ways to Protect Your Claim After a Car Accident If you drive, you most likely …

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Understanding Indiana Damage Caps for Personal Injury Cases

September 27, 2016

Related Articles Beat the Odds: Use Experts to Assess Future Damages in a Personal Injury Case A personal injury case—also called a tort claim—is a fairly straightforward lawsuit: A plaintiff …

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Watch Out For These 5 Common Workplace Illnesses

September 18, 2016

When you think of people who were hurt on the job, you probably think of people who have suffered from a broken bone or a traumatic head injury. What you …

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Indiana Man Awarded $4.25 Million Medical Malpractice Judgment

September 16, 2016

A Goshen man injured on the job in 2005 finally won justice after an Indiana court ordered a $4.25 million settlement in his case. The decision comes more than a …

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Do You Know the Devastating Side Effects of Repeated Brain Injuries?

September 14, 2016

Concussions and other brain injuries are very common, especially for those who play contact sports like football, for example. Actually, approximately 60% of players in professional football have experienced a concussion over …

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Athletes At Risk for Serious Heat Related Injuries

September 13, 2016

Even though the summer is nearly over, we’re still likely to see some very hot days before the fall weather settles in for good. Youth athletes and their parents should …

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Are Your Organs Suffering From a Drug Injury? Know the Signs.

September 9, 2016

Whenever you see an advertisement for a drug, you’ll see or hear the long list of reported side effects. This list can seem a little daunting, and maybe even make …

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New Indiana Law: Move Your Car Crash from the Road

September 8, 2016

A new traffic safety law is now in effect in Indiana that requires drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes to get their cars or trucks off the road and out …

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Medical Bribery Case Snags Dozens

September 7, 2016

Earlier this summer, a massive bribery case ongoing in New Jersey rumbled along as a twenty-seventh doctor pleaded guilty in federal court. The doctor had accepted bribes that were disguised …

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Know Your Facts: Have You Taken These 10 Recalled Drugs in the Past Year?

September 7, 2016

  Drug recalls happen more frequently than any of us would like. We want to be think that the products we consume to heal our bodies are rigorously inspected and …

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